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  • 深圳有滋味(雙語版)第39期:夢回尼羅河 遇見“永恒的面孔”
    2022-08-13 13:44
    來源: 深圳有滋味

    深圳有滋味(雙語版)第39期:夢回尼羅河 遇見“永恒的面孔”

    讀特客戶端·深圳新聞網2022年8月13日訊(記者 陳彥如 林恒鑫 金洪竹 馮牧原 李丹璐 張玲 )要論最近的深圳展覽界“頂流”,當屬從英國曼徹斯特博物館出發,一路在美國、北京、上?;鸨钩龊?,終于來到深圳南山博物館的“永恒的面孔——古埃及的黃金木乃伊”展。6月24日開展后,展覽至今仍保持著可預約時間內所有場次全部爆滿的紀錄。

    Speaking of the top trending exhibition in Shenzhen, it must be The Face of Eternal Life, which comes from Manchester Museum in Britain and achieves great success in America, Beijing and Shanghai. Finally, it comes to Shenzhen and the appointment has been filled up in all available section.

    此次南山博物館展出的黃金木乃伊有8具。(李丹璐 攝)

    投射在地面上的燈的圖案。(李丹璐 攝)

    深圳新聞網記者金洪竹(左)與外國小姐姐Alya介紹此次拍攝的主題。(李丹璐 攝)

    古埃及的器皿。(張玲 攝)

    展品之一。(李丹璐 攝)

    展品之一。(張玲 攝)

    深圳新聞網記者金洪竹和在深外籍藝術家Alya打卡黃金木乃伊展。(張玲 攝)

    精美的紋樣。(張玲 攝)

    年輕女孩的木乃伊蓋板。(張玲 攝)

    展品。(張玲 攝)


    Today, no need to wait at the online applet of the museum, or face the burning weather, Have Fun in Shenzhen invites Zoe Kim and Alya to give you a wonderful experience in Nanshan Museum to explore the mysterious Ancient Egypt universe.



    Herodotus, a historian in Ancient Greece, dubbed Ancient Egypt“the Gift of the Nile”. Besides those world-famous archaeological relics such as Khufu Pyramid, the golden mask of Tutankhamen and the mummy of Rameses II, The Face of Eternal Life focuses more on exploring expectations of a life after death during the relatively little-known‘Graeco-Roman’ Period of Egyptian history - between 300 BC and AD300. For this purpose, Manchester Museum transports 108 precious relics, including 8 golden mummies, to Shenzhen.

    展出的兒童木乃伊。(張玲 攝)

    古埃及黃金木乃伊展中的象形文字和精美圖案吸引了Alya。(張玲 攝)

    木乃伊胸部蓋板。(張玲 攝)

    精致的器皿,幾千年后依然閃爍著古埃及人的智慧與無與倫比的審美觀。(張玲 攝)

    木乃伊腳底的人形圖案,寓意木乃伊主人的敵人被踩在腳底。(張玲 攝)

    珠寶首飾。(張玲 攝)


    Ancient Egypt was always in contact with its neighboring cultures and was never as isolated as it is often portrayed. They interact with others not only culturally, economically and positively, but also with violence, competitions and fights. In this exhibition, those original papyri, Greek-style war helmet, Roman-style half portrait, jewels and colored painting, all proved the grand ethnic communicating history around the Nile.

    展品細節。(李丹璐 攝)

    木乃伊展品。(李丹璐 攝)

    展品之一。(李丹璐 攝)

    展覽現場的古埃及特有的圖紋,如黃金圣甲蟲等。(李丹璐 攝)

    南山博物館專業講解員陳老師(左一)為我們介紹展品。(李丹璐 攝)

    木乃伊畫像展品之一。(李丹璐 攝)


    332 BC, Alexander the Great arrived in Egypt and brought three centuries of rule by Macedonian-Greek kings called the Ptolemies. With the death of the last ruler of the dynasty - Queen Cleopatra VII – in30 BC, Egypt became part of the Roman Empire for a further four centuries. Thus, prosperous culture from Greece, Rome and Egypt merged together and left tremendous cultural treasures that spread up to now.




    ‘The sun god will gild your body for you, a beautiful color even to the extremities of your limbs. He will make your skin flourish with gold.’

    The Embalming Ritual,1st century AD(Cited from the exhibition)



    In the funeral culture of Ancient Egypt, mummification represent people’s imagination about death, afterlife and eternity. Varied from wooden coffin, mummies in this exhibition are mostly covered by a delicate painting of their own, and are immobilized by linen bondage. 

    At that time, Ancient Egyptians believed that all admiring gods were all made up of gold. That explains why they use gold or gold foil in mummification - to make the dead become closer to gods and have eternal life. The process of mummification is not only to preserve a body, but also to build an eternal and more perfect house for the spirit, and wait for a future life.

    器皿。(張玲 攝)

    展品。(張玲 攝)

    精美的首飾。(李丹璐 攝)

    木乃伊足部細節。(李丹璐 攝)

    聚精會神。(李丹璐 攝)

    兩位出鏡主持錄結束語。(李丹璐 攝)


    Visitors can still recognize many hieroglyphic characters, which were used on funeral decorations, the cover of mummies and exquisite statue of gods, which were all thought to symbolize sacredness. In their view, those graphs can lead the dead to their future life. Around the mummification glass cases, there are several interactive screens that tell you the explanations of the characters and the conditions of mummies.


    Across endless time, we see the wisdom and philosophy of Ancient Egypt culture. Come and join Have Fun in Shenzhen, let this trip show you how Egyptian respect lives and pursue the eternal time.

    這是兒童玩具木馬,還是其他什么用途的器具?(張玲 攝)

    頭盔。(張玲 攝)

    兩位主持人誠意推薦,有機會來參觀的話千萬別錯過。(李丹璐 攝)

    Alya對這次展覽的興趣很高。(李丹璐 攝)

    Q版的黃金木乃伊展周邊。(張玲 攝)

    來自曼徹斯特博物館的古埃及黃金木乃伊展周邊產品。(張玲 攝)

    深圳新聞網記者金洪竹與Alya研究木乃伊展周邊產品。(張玲 攝)




    時間:2022.06.24 -2022.09.11(逢周一閉館,節假日正常開放)



    Exhibition Informations

    Time: 2022.06.24 -2022.09.11(Close on Monday, open on holidays)

    Location: Hall2, floor2, Nanshan Museum,2093 Nanshan Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

    Tips: Please make your online appointment at the official Weixin account of 南山博物館 (Nanshan Museum). Your ID card, a negative record of nucleic acid that tested in 48 hours and your health QR code are all needed when you enter the museum.

    參觀完合影。(李丹璐 攝)

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